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Privacy: All information provided though the estimate process will be held in strict confidence. We do not distribute, or in the business to distribute, any infomation obtained. The purpose for all information is to help determine the basic requirements of your move and services.

Response: We will respond to your request for estimate within 24 hours of recieving the e-mail. We may need to call you to discuss other important details such as conditions of load/unload, extra stops, and more specific types of items. Our intent is to help you understand your budget associated with moving regardless of whether you intend to provide some of the service yourself or would like us to provide all services.  

No Obligation: We want to help. There is no obligation or cost to you from our company. We appreciate the opportunity to Earn Your Business! 
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Neutz Sons and Daughters Moving appreciates the opportunity to help with its Services! 

We know "Its Your Move!

No two moves are alike.  We can do a quick phone estimate for small and midsize local moves or an on-premise estimate for all other moves.  You may call to get immediate scheduling or talk with a professional estimator, now, at 502-618-1902.  
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You must call immediately if you would like same day (within 24 hour) estimate or scheduling of an estimate due to time delay in receiving this request or call now at 502-618-1902.  An estimator will call you within 24 hours to either do a quick phone estimate or confirm your scheduled date and time.  Thank you. We want to earn your business.
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