Custom or Partial Pack
We will work with you to find a packing plan the meets your budget and timeline.  If you like, we suggest you allow our experienced packers to handle the more delicate, intricate packing such as kitchen and dining rooms, while you take care of the easy stuff. 

If you plan to pack and find that you are running out of time, give us a call, we can help! If you are just looking for supplies or specialty boxes, such as LCD TV, we have the best packing supplies at affordable prices.

Full-Service Packing
Our expert packers will bring all the materials and supplies needed to pack all of your household goods. You relax, give some direction, and let the packers take care of the rest. We take full liability for all items packed by our team.   

Unpacking Service
Unpacking after the move can be just a stressful as packing. Our expert packers can help with unpacking, clean all areas of packing debris, and take the excess material with them. This allows you to setup the home and have it ready for the family, quickly. 

We also provide debris pickup after a move, if you only need to have the mess removed. Give us a call! 

Crating & Picture Packs
Some items require special care due to size, make, value, or sentiment.  We have expert craters who make custom wooden or semi-wooden crates for special items. If it's a local move, you may want special transport. If it's a long distance move, we can prepare the item for shipment.

Packing Services
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Neutz Sons and Daughters Moving is here to assist with your moving and packing needs. You may choose to handle all the packing yourself or let our professional packers handle the task. 

We can tailor a packing solution to meet your timeline and budget.  Allow one of our moving specialist provide a Free in-home estimate.
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Just wanted to send a letter of thanks to your pack team.  They were awesome!  The women that packed us, especially Erin, were very good. Do not let them get away. I was quite impressed with the speed and care they  used during the pack. I was more impressed when I began unpacking. Not one item was damaged. They did use alot of paper, but the results speak for itself. We will recommend your company. "

- By Fred B.
Helpful Tips for Packing

Good material is the number one key to packing.  You do get what you pay for when it comes to packing material. You should always use dish packs in kitchens and dining rooms.

A packed box must be completely filled, even if extra material is required at the top. Imagine that the box will be turned upside down and remember that a box maintains integrity if completely full.

Dishware is the toughest to pack.  Always pack dishware vertical in the box when able. Stemware should be wrapped twice. Inside flute and wrap, then around stem and wrap.

For quick local moves, you can use sturdy plastic bags to pack soft items such as stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, and cushions. It's important to protect your soft items from stain or dirt. Boxing is best, for short quick moves, this will work.

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