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Choosing the right mover is not a simple task. When moving, you want to be sure that your belongings will be in good hands until they reach your new home. You also want to be sure that the costs will not skyrocket in the end, or that you will have to wait too long before your belongings are finally delivered to you.

Movers in Louisville, KY are licensed by the State Department of Transportation. A simple click will list all movers by city. Kentucy Moving Companies.
Selecting A Mover 
Use the following topics to guide you on your research: 

Licenses and insurance
Kentucky regulates and licenses every mover.  This is done for your benefit, not the movers. The state has already done alot of research for you.  They  monitor licensed mover to ensure a published tariff, proper insurance, and saftey.  Ask a mover for their issued DMT number from the State.

Local Moves: Kentucky regulation prohibits movers from providing "fixed price" or "Binding" estimates for intrastate moves. They do allow hourly or weight based move pricing. Be aware!

Interstate Moves: Interstate moving companies are licensed and regulated by the Federal Department of Transportation. Every mover must publish their tariff or price list and make it available to anybody who requests a copy. In addition, the mover must participate in a dispute settlement program and to offer neutral arbitration in the event a dispute arises. Ask the mover for their DOT and MCC numbers for this type of move.

Workers' Compensation Insurance: Another criterion to consider when choosing a moving company is whether it carries Workers' Compensation Insurance. Such coverage is required by the DOT. 

Edward Neutz Sons and Daughers Moving: KY DMT C3561, DOT 070851, MCC 665108 

Better Business Bureau record
Check with the Better Business Bureau.  Most movers in Louisville have 0-5 complaints, resolved and unresolved, over a 3 year period. Any mover with greater than 5 complaints should be avoided unless their recent activity 0-12 months is exceptional. Usually this means that management has made major changes. There are movers with A+ ratings that have a high number of complaints, be cautious, there is a reason people complain regardless of whether a resolution was offered.

Place of business
When choosing a mover make sure their place of business actually exists. Beware of companies or Internet ads that provide no business address even with a local number on their website. Beaware of a company that is hesitant to provide you with their physical business address. It is important that you know where to track the company down if you have a problem.

Consider visiting the moving company's office before you make your final choice. You can learn a lot about how your shipment will be treated by visiting the company. 

Residential Address: A few movers operate legitimately from a residential address. The important thing is that they actually are located there and not using a fictitious address to make you think they are.

Important documents
If you are moving to a different state you need to receive important documentation from your mover.

The documents you need to receive from your mover are:
    1. An "Order for Service" signed by your mover. 
    2. A written estimate with an itemized breakdown of all charges that makes up your moving cost. 
    3. A Bill of Lading and Inventory of items being moved. 
If the mover is hesitant to provide you with any of these items you should consider not using this moving company.

Questions you should ask the movers

Ask the mover if he will be willing to come to your home and perform a visual estimate. 
Is the estimate you received binding or a non binding estimate? 
Are there additional surcharges for things like parking problems, road access, bulky items, delivery time restrictions or if there are any stairs or elevators involved?
Is there an origination/destination charge, also referred to as local drivetime? When does the move time start, when you arrive or when you leave your offices? 

What is the level of insurance coverage for your move? 
Does the company offer additional insurance coverage besides the basic cargo coverage? 
What is the process of filing a claim? and How long is the process?

How do I pay for the move? Cash, credit card, money order, or personal check? Beware of Cash Only Companies.
Is there a deposit that you are required to pay? If yes, can it be refunded in case you choose to cancel the move? 
When do I pay? There can be different payment arrangements, make sure you understand the details.

Company record:
How long the company is in business? 
Is it licensed to do moves in your state? 
Is it a member of BBB, AMSA, or other organizations? 
Does it have any complaints with the BBB? If yes, how many and why? 
How many trucks does it have? 
For long distance moves – does the company have its own interstate trucks, or it uses subcontractors? 
Will the company perform the move, or it's just a broker?
Call us anytime! We would be happy to help in anyway possible, regardless, of whether you choose our company to perform your move. People matter. 

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