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Neutz Sons & Daughters Moving
Family-owned, professional mover located in Louisville, Kentucky. Servicing the Louisville community for over 12 years using only the best movers and equipment on the market. 
Choosing the right moving company for your family, at home or work, is important. 
Please allow one of our expert moving consultants to assist you with estimating, planning, and managing your next move. 

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Local Moving and Storage
Why settle for anything, but the best? When it comes to moving, especially on a "hourly" basis, what is more important than the hourly cost is the people, equipment, and insurance or simply put everything. Choosing the right mover that cares for you and your belongings will end up saving you time, money, and frustration.

Moving Process
Don't underestimate why movers are regulated by State and Federal agencies. There are rules and regulations that should be followed for protection so that you have the best possible move. 

Moving Trucks
What's important about moving trucks? Everything. A 26' moving van is not a 26' moving van. Consider a 26' Uhaul, it carries approx. 7,000lbs of household goods, a 26' Penske carries approx. 8,500lbs, and a traditional 26' moving van carries 10,000lbs. E-track and all wood interior is also preferred. Having more space allows a job to be done more safely and cost-effectively.

Moving Equipment
A movers dream, equipment! Clean pads and shrink-wrap are just the starting point on equipment. Straps, bands, door & floor protectors, dollies, appliance dollies, safe dollies, piano boards, and other equipment help movers not only carry items with care, but assist with securing items for protection during transport. Having the right equipment makes a huge difference with any move. 

The Right People
Having "know how" movers with fantastic attitudes is a great asset. Neutz Moving employs a team through our customer care center to ensure that every move is done with the highest quality. Estimators, teamleaders, packers, and movers, work directly with our customer care people to make sure you are satisfied with every aspect of the move.  

Long Distance Movers

Looking to move out-of-state? As an agent for NorthAmerican Vanlines, we can oversee every aspect of your long distance move. Our experienced move coordinators can walk you through every step of the process and eliminate any of your concerns. We provide a full menu of quality moving services:

Expedited Delivery: We will provide exclusive truck use and will guarantee your pickup and delivery dates. 

Packing: We can pack it all or just the fragiles. It's up to you.

Crating: We can build a custom wooden crate to protect fragile or oddly shaped items such as statues, granite/marble pieces, antiques, etc.  

Storage: Ready to move, but don't have anywhere to go? We can store your belongings in our secure and climate-controlled facility until you're ready for delivery. 

Auto Transport: If your looking to ship your car across the country, we can help. Our auto transport program includes door-to-door service, open or closed trailer options, and guaranteed delivery window. 

Loading/Unloading Help: Want to move yourself, but don't want to do the heavy lifting? We can arrange for help at both origin and destination to help you load and unload your belongings. 

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