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Cost Estimator

Cost Estimator

Neutz Moving and Storage offers a free estimate to help you determine resources and packing materials needed for your move.

We understand that planning a move can seem like a complicated and costly process. With that in mind, Neutz Moving and Storage is here to help you plan your move with the assistance of our free, over the phone or in person estimates. By taking advantage of this resource, you’ll receive an estimate of the labor and materials you will need in order to get the job done right.

Determining the type and amount of resources you’ll need is simple and easy. For a quick estimate, contact us. For large homes we will need to send an estimator to the residence in order to more accurately quote the resources required. For smaller moves we can typically estimate over the phone with the aid of our proprietary estimate software designed by movers and for our customers.

At Neutz Moving and Storage, we strive to provide helpful tools, like our cost estimator, to assist in your move. No matter what type of move you are planning, you can rely on our team of professionals throughout the entire process. If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about our moving services, contact us today at 1-502-618-1902!

Quick Pricing – Local Moving

***The quick estimates below shouldn’t replace our over-the-phone or on-site move estimates as there are many factors to consider when determining the cost of your move. These are only to give a basic idea of the cost to move based on moderately furnished living space under “normal” moving conditions. Conditions that can influence the cost of your move include: actual amount of furniture and boxes to move (lightly furnished vs heavily furnished), distance between origin and destination, how close our truck(s) can park to the residence access point(s), stairs/elevator,  furniture or appliance disassembly/reassembly, bulky items, items that require special handling, organization/readiness of customer to move.

Minimum charge (“couple of items”) = $350-$400

800 – 1000  Sqft = $600 – $750
1200 – 1600 sq ft = $850 – $1100
1800 – 2400 sq ft = $1250 – $1500
2600 – 3200 sq ft = $1750 – $2150
4000 – 5000 sq ft = $2400 – $2800 
More than 5000 sq ft = Please call to set up in-home survey
The estimates above do not cover packing, unpacking, or long-distance moving. If you’d like an estimate that covers packing and/or long-distance moving we will need to do in-home survey. For a detailed estimate, please call us at 502-618-1902. 

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We Can Streamline Your Next Move

The Neutz Moving moving team looks forward to helping you make your move an easy-going process. That is what we are all about: Helping you plan your move.