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All movers must have proof of insurance on file with both State and Federal agencies, this includes cargo insurance. If your mover is not licensed, they probably do not have any insurance.

Just because a mover has insurance does not mean that you are fully covered. 

Licenses and Insurance

Kentucky regulates and licenses every mover.  This is done for your benefit, not the movers. The state has already done alot of research for you.  They  monitor licensed mover to ensure a published tariff, proper insurance, and saftey.  Ask a mover for their issued DMT number from the State.

Local Moves: Kentucky regulation prohibits movers from providing “fixed price” or “Binding” estimates for intrastate moves. They do allow hourly or weight based move pricing. Be aware!

Interstate Moves: Interstate moving companies are licensed and regulated by the Federal Department of Transportation. Every mover must publish their tariff or price list and make it available to anybody who requests a copy. In addition, the mover must participate in a dispute settlement program and to offer neutral arbitration in the event a dispute arises. Ask the mover for their DOT and MCC numbers for this type of move.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Another criterion to consider when choosing a moving company is whether it carries Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Such coverage is required by the DOT. 

Declaration of Value

All movers will have you sign a Declaration of Value agreement.  You must declare the value of your goods prior to shipment for insurance coverage. 

Standard Basic Value Coverage 
– This value is $.60 per pound per article with a total value upto the weight of the entire shipment. So any losted or damaged article weighing 100lbs is covered by insurance for $60.00, the value you declared.  This minimum coverage must be given to you at no charge by the mover.  So you are taking a risk on the movers.

Full Value Coverage – This value is the repair or current replacement value of the article and upto the total amount you will declare.  This option typically has additional cost based on the total value. Movers must have a minimum of $750,000 in total cargo coverage.

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